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                                                                       IN THE BEGINNING


            This camp began in 1990 as a result of a home-school boy asking his mom if he could go back to public school.

Horrified, she asked, "Why?" He said it was because public schools had outdoor school and home-schoolers didn't.

Well, like any resourceful home-school mom, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and decided to begin one.

Thirty-three years later we continue this ministry to a whole new generation of home-schoolers. Our family began

attending this camp in 1998 attending with our three camp age children. We enjoyed it so much that we continued to

attend every year with the remainder of our 9 children as they grew to camp age. Upon her retirement in 2004 we

began to co-direct the camp with another dad. Camp has not changed much since our early days, and it very much

resembles the traditional outdoor school that we all remember from 6th grade.  But with a home-school twist, namely

it is parent driven and directed,and strives to give glory to our creator. We also continue the tradition of giving the

kids good apologetics for defending their faith with good science and good Bible interpretation. 

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